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A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.
Still lot of fathers are not able to see their child. Separated by judiciary system and gender biased laws. A group of volunteers from creative team of NGO ‘Save Indian Family’ felt the pain of alienated fathers and joined hands to give society a platform www.loveudaddy.com where fathers can build memories for their children. loveudaddy works as a platform to bring families together and celebrate Father’s Day every year and to run awareness campaign to educate people about the rights of the Fathers and misuse of gender biased laws in India.

Family Law
There has been a sea change in the society and especially the family system in India in the last couple of decades and the Divorce rate is ever rising, resulting in lot of fathers being deprived from seeing their own child and the society moving towards a fatherless society like in the west. While in other parts of the world, the custody of children in such cases is given to the parent who can raise the child more effectively, irrespective of gender and shared parenting is promoted so that the child gets the love of both the parents. In India over 90 % of cases the custody is given to mothers
And fathers need to fight tooth and nail in the courts to get orders of few hours of visitation in a month to see his own child while he’s asked to pay the maintenance and expenses for the upbringing of the child. There have been cases where fathers have gone into deep depression or even committed suicide because of the child alienation and also cases of fatherless children resorting to drugs, alcoholism and crime at a very young age are at a rise.
It is humble attempt from SIFar Creative Works (creative team of Save Indian family) to bring joy in lives of fathers who are not able to meet their children and to include families with the movement. We are trying to get the gender biased laws changed, this may take decades but till then we shall give them little joy in their lives. Reduce the pain that alienated fathers are going through by making them a part of celebration, part of happy family and giving them a platform to possibly connect with their children.
Continuing the legacy of serving society with Save Indian Family, this portal www.loveudaddy.com was launched on 19 June 2016 “Father’s Day” which is celebrated every year on third Sunday of June month.
SIFar Creative Works team celebrates Father’s day every year at inner circle of Connaught Palace –Delhi. Activities include gifting toys/articles to children, Selfie with Father, Message from Daddy, Blog it and much more. Planning for spreading the celebration to multiple cities like Chandigarh, Jaipur, Agra etc. going forward in next phase.
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